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We are Raised Royal!

Check out our employee spotlights cheering on our favorite baseball team and how they feel about our role as the official healthcare provider of the Kansas City Royals.


Gina Davis, MSN, RN, explains why she's #RaisedRoyalGina Davis, MSN, RN

“The reason I love The Kansas City Royals is because they instill such a great sense of community. When you’re at the game, it’s like one big happy family. When people ask me what I do, I say, I’m a nurse. I work for The University of Kansas Health System. You know, the official healthcare provider for the Kansas City Royals.” Read Gina's Raised Royal story.

Tracy Kisler, medical lab scientist, explains why she's #RaisedRoyalTracy Kisler, Medical Lab Scientist

“Both The University of Kansas City Health System and the Kansas City Royals are all about teamwork. We train, we practice, we improve our game, and, when the situation calls for it, we innovate.” Read Tracy's Raised Royal story.

Debbie Florido, clinical nurse coordinator, explains why she's #RaisedRoyalDebbie Florido, Clinical Nurse Coordinator

“Only the best for the best in baseball. The Kansas City Royals not only have a professional affiliation with The University of Kansas Health System, they also have a personal one. They know that a physician is a phone call away, be it by office contacts or personal phone.” Read Debbie's Raised Royal story.

Katrine Abella, staff nurse, explains why she's #RaisedRoyalKatrine Abella, Staff Nurse

“As you can see from the picture, I was truly #RaisedRoyal. I've been going to games every summer since I was a tot. I think The Kansas City Royals chose The University of Kansas Health System because organizations striving for greatness know they need to team up with other organizations leading in their field.” Read Katrine's Raised Royal story.

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