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Performance Center

Athletes of all ages and backgrounds can improve their sports performance and recover from injuries at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center, conveniently located at 125th Street and Antioch Road. The center offers both specialized performance training as well as physical therapy.

Turf allows athletes to work in realistic settings in the performance center.The space is designed to help healthy athletes improve their performance and get injured athletes back in the game.

The facility offers many features, including:

  • 9,000 square feet
  • 20-foot ceilings
  • 60 yards of indoor turf
  • 4,200-square-foot state-of-the-art weight room
  • 8,000-square-foot outdoor turf field

Sports nutrition consultations

Sports performance nutrition consultations are available for athletes interested in learning more about the benefits of proper nutrition. The consultations can be tailored to your individual goals and are conducted by a certified sports nutritionist. Call 913-574-4878 to schedule an appointment.

Sports performance classes

A variety of classes are available for all ages and skill levels. Call 913-239-0646 for more information about our sports performance classes.

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Youth Speed Fundamentals – Class covers essentials of force production in running (proper posture, foot strike, arm swings). Linear speed, deceleration, reactive and choreographed change of direction are covered in this class. Basic plyometrics (jumping) and core stability are also covered. For elementary school age, 8 and above.

Beginner/Intermediate Speed – The same speed development as the youth class is covered for beginners, but after the youth class finishes, beginners will begin a strength training workout covering the fundamentals of movement. These include push, pull, hinge and squat patterns, among other parts of a well-rounded training program. For middle school age.

Varsity Speed – Class covers the same aspects as the youth speed class but enhances them for the more advanced athlete. This class covers techniques in more detail, as the athlete is old enough to begin honing these skills and acting upon more detailed instructions. Once the speed work is done for the day, this class has a workout consisting of med ball throws, jumps, resisted springs and posterior chain work to further develop the attributes associated with speed. For high school age.

Varsity Sports Performance – This class does the same speed development as the varsity speed class, but instead of the speed workout, athletes will have an athletic performance program specifically tailored to their sport and individual needs. On days the athletes don't do speed work, they will have conditioning to improve their endurance in their sport. This class will incorporate barbell lifts and velocity-based training via the EliteForm system, as well as jump training and accessory work to give athletes a balanced training program for their sport. We will also work in conjunction with activities each athlete is doing at high school to make sure we are not overtraining in certain areas and only training in ways that foster continued improvements. For high school age.

College/Pro Performance – For our most advanced group. This group is set up the same as the varsity performance class, but programs for this class are even more individualized. As athletes in this group often have a higher training age than high school athletes, there is an increased need for specificity in their training. We incorporate different training modalities to continue developing positive adaptations in the advanced athlete. For any athlete out of high school.

Strength Circuit – Circuit-style training that implements numerous pieces of equipment and machines to achieve a well-rounded, total-body fitness program. This class focuses on building strength while increasing cardiovascular fitness and improving body composition. It can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual.

Lift – Traditional strength training. This class offers instruction in performing compound barbell movements and accessory work to improve total body strength. It follows a periodized program and, with EliteForm, allows class participants to track their results and see their progress. The class uses EliteForm to implement velocity-based training.

HIIT – High-intensity interval training incorporates short bursts of intense cardiovascular exercise followed by less intense active rest periods. This allows class participants to keep their heart rate at a high level throughout the class and continue training without becoming too fatigued. The main focus of this class is improved body composition through fat burning and improved cardiovascular endurance.

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Physical therapy convenient to Johnson County

The Sports Medicine and Performance Center near 125th and Antioch, in Johnson County, offers both physical therapy and sports performance services.

Our physical therapists link traditional rehabilitation with the goal of returning to sport, communicating and collaborating with our sports medicine physicians. The spacious center allows our physical therapists to work with patients in an actual athletic environment.

An injured soccer player can pivot on turf, a golfer can tee up or a quarterback can go long. And all activities are designed, managed and supervised by experts from The University of Kansas Health System, the region's leading academic medical center.

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