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Dr. Bryan Vopat

After injuring my ACL in high school, I learned how sports medicine doctors help patients get back to their active lives. I was inspired to help patients fulfill their potential when returning from an injury.

My clinical focus includes sports medicine and pediatric sports medicine, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, foot and ankle injuries, and arthroscopic surgery.

I decided to specialize further in foot and ankle injuries after noticing that many doctors focus on the knee but don’t go lower. Athletes are on their feet constantly, and it’s important that medical professionals understand how the entire lower body works together. I try to view the knee, ankle and foot as one unit.

I love helping active people get back to their desired activity levels. That can be anyone from a professional athlete to a weekend warrior to a high school athlete. I work to help them achieve their personal goals and get back to their way of life.

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Staff spotlight: Bryan Vopat , MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Like many sports medicine professionals, Bryan Vopat, MD, first developed an interest in orthopedics while recovering from an athletic injury in high school. As a football player in the small town of Wilson, Kansas, he was drawn to the idea of helping athletes get back to their desired performance level after tearing his ACL.

“I was first exposed to sports medicine after I injured my ACL. I learned how the care these doctors provide allows patients to get back to their active lives,” said Dr. Vopat. “I realized I wanted to help my patients fulfill their potential when returning from an injury.” Read more.